21st March

First day of Spring – what a peculiar life we’re living! I tried JT again this morning and they’ve changed all the options on the helpdesk and none of them match my problem. I think they are gearing up to people working from home. They were all about core plan, auto bill paying and stolen phones, so I will just have to wait and dispute the bill retrospectively.

We cleared one half of the lounge this morning and I swept and washed it twice with some diluted polish stuff for parquet floors. It’s a lovely floor, I really like the room. It dried and we shifted all the stuff up to the other end and I’ve just done one wash on it and stopped for lunch.

Stuart is helping Mike get the mower going this am but the auto bit doesn’t work so he’s having to push it, and it’s a heavy one to push up and down this hilly garden. Need to feed him spinach.


I opened the postbox to find a card from Jo for Mother’s day, which is lovely and I won’t open until tomorrow. It’s so nice that she remembered.

After putting the other coat of dilution on the floor, I set about the border again. It’s very weedy but they come out easily. Mike’s helped me so we finished the bigger border, left the smaller one to tackle tomorrow. Left in the peculiar plants that look like they might be onions or garlic. Planted the bulbs from B&Q but the iris’s don’t seem too healthy, already sprouting but no body to them. Watered but need a hose or a watering can with rose.

what are the strange plants already in the border?

The gaz has run out on us, so I used the little oven to heat the flan that we’re having for dinner. Worked ok but we need to change the gaz bottle tomorrow.

Watched the interminable news about Covid19. People being arseholes about stockpiling food and then there is none left when essential workers go. It has to stop, the Government needs to step in with rationing if people can’t be civilised. Also what will happen to all the fresh food and veg that they are clearing off the shelves? Landfill in a week’s time, no doubt. The French are just shopping for what they need.