20th March

Another beautiful day, we are lucky with the weather and every day the blossom on the trees comes out a bit more.

We need to go shopping this morning for household things more than food. We may go to several places.

Roaming is costing a lot. I will ring JT and see if they can do a deal for me as in May they have a package coming out for free roaming in Europe. The more worrying thing is that Orange is demanding money from us but we think we’re on direct debit, that’s what we signed up for in January. He took all our bank details. Of course we can’t check because we have no wifi!!! I’m sure I saw the first payment taken from our LCL account before we left.

JT mobile services on voicemail – not helpful. Orange more use. For some reason a direct debit has not been set up so I pay on the card and he then set up a DD which may start in April but maybe too late so need to see when the facture arrives. He said we will get a refund for the time we have not had wifi.

Lidl is almost empty apart from 2 English ladies wearing masks which seemed to create a need to talk loudly to one another. ‘They’ve got cakes. They look quite new. Do you want a cake, Sandra?’ Intermarche is like the grave but it’s a one in one out basis again. We’re soon in as it’s a fast turnaround, and once in we can see it’s almost empty too. We get most of what we need but the Bricolage department across the car park is closed, so choice was limited, but we find the square gaz bottle we need by the petrol pumps. It’s a rigmarole to buy as we are buying the bottle as well as the gaz, signing forms and it costs 50€, while a refill is only 21€.

We have lunch outside most days. We bought bread from the boulangerie across from Lidl and it was lovely, and there are cakes for tea!

Haven’t had a text back from Rosie today which is unusual – maybe mine didn’t go. I can’t roam this morning, sometimes we don’t have a signal.

The cakes were gorgeous!!

Doing more weeding of the border this afternoon while Mike’s gone down to the village for petrol for the mower. He needed oil as well but the garage didn’t have it.

Cooking a veal casserole in the slow cooker, while watching hours of news on Covid19. UK has now ordered restaurants to close although they can maintain a takeaway service. Look forward to The Ivy’s take away service … UK government offering every employee 80% of their salary, up to £2 and half thousand a month. Huge package, but they say social distancing could last 12 months. Incredible and the speed with which this is happening all over the world is breathtaking.

Tried JT again – nothing, will try again tomorrow.