France Lockdown 2022


18th March 2020

Sun pouring in the windows this morning, very heavy dew, but a great improvement on yesterday and Monday. I put […]

13th March 2020 – Jersey

We woke up just before the alarm, car was packed except for the contents of the fridge, when Mike’s phone […]

14th March 2020

Downstairs is very cold, only the bedrooms and bathroom heated, the main area which was the garage is bitter. It […]

15th March 2020

It’s warmer today, thank goodness. Ok to be outside and in, without a coat on. Mike starts to empty the […]

16th March 2020

I may not have mentioned the boiler room – it’s very large and has staging all round. The toys we’ve […]

17TH MARCH 2020

Texted Dave this morning to ask if he’s coming and to tell his wife, Carol, (our estate agent) that there […]