2nd August

Lou’s birthday – hope she has a good party. Must get up and finish the report for a colleague, joys of working for yourself. Fine day, not going far. Report done and sent despite Microsoft’s best efforts to thwart me. Isn’t that a great word, looks almost impossible to say but it isn’t. After that went to the pool; too cold to swim but sun lounger pleasant enough. Feasted on olives, cheese, and G&T for lunch – perfect and then went to find a better way to the beach.

Walking the opposite way from the way we walked yesterday we came to a roundabout but there was the canal again blocking the way. Above the roundabout was the 10 lane flyover so we climbed the bank to see if there was a safe way over – and saw people coming towards us on a parapet with half a handrail and no pavement – oh well, when in Rome …

the walk!
We survived and found a much better way to the beach.

Lots of kioskssunday beachbut no ice cream, just beer, churros and seafood. Lots of people on the beach, very warm if overcast, surf’s up, big waves – seems funny to think it’s the other side of the Atlantic. sunday beach2Frigate birds, strange black birds with forked tails and a huge wingspan soar above the canal and the sea, almost pre-historic looking. Apparently they can’t swim or walk and stay on the wing for weeks. Not very nice birds, they steal other birds food and chicks – eeeuuuk! tried to upload a photo from the web but couldn’t do it as a cut and paste jobbie, so you’ll have to Google it

We ate across in the food mall in a Chopp (Beer) house. Had a smashing carpaccio and salmon, nice staff and Mike had about 100 beers to chose from.